Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not this week but the next, I'm working a 40 hour week. I'm scared. Put on the working woman face and bear it, Hannah, cause you'll get a load of cash at the end :). That's what'll get me through.

Also, the more I see and hear about Duchess Kate, the more I love her! Secretly, I want to be her... and have her closet.. minus the hats. ha. But, seriously, she is classically beautiful, always says the right thing, has this Jackie O. grace or something about her. I'll work on it.

How classy is this!? So chic.


  1. You are everything Duchess Kate has, Hannah. You have the looks, the figure, the personality and you are a lovely person. The only thing you lack is her money! But you have proved you can manage without money! (Bet she wished she could dance like you!) From your unbiased Granny...

  2. hahah oh granny, you're a sweetie!