Friday, July 1, 2011

Soon to be...

Is is so weird that I will be home (the utah one...) in only 12 days. It has been such an absolute treat to come to Norwich and London and there is still a huge adventure up ahead (think venice... rome.. paris) still, like a huge exciting hurdle to enjoy before I come back, that it doesn't seem like only 12 days. But there.

Today I am packing and doing some last minute things before leaving tomorrow. Here are the details for tomorrow and Sunday:
-Take Norwich bus to coach station (7am)
-take coach to London (8am)
-take Tube to heathrow airport to meet Deanna (noon ish)
-Go crazy in London one last time
-Sunday... is a doozy.
-wake up (or still be awake) at 1:30am
-take local buses (because the blasted tube isn't open) to coach station
-take coach to Stansted airport (3:15am)
-board plane (6am)
-TO VENICE (6:30) to see this

via this website
Love to all, and Granny I am SO glad you (and Justin!) are enjoying your goodies from the package! xo


  1. Oh No! I have to start worrying about you again. You are going to be worn out. Be careful, dont forget your passport and tickets. When I call Thellie, you will be already well on your way. That will be 2pm English time. Good luck and have nice travels with Deanna. Keep in touch if you can. Love from your Granny

  2. 3 pm Friday...Your Dad just called from Surfside Beach (John is with them, Justin is looking after Zeke). They will be home late this evening because your Mom has to work (Rehab patients cant wait) I better get back into the kitchen (where I belong!). We will all "travel" with you tomorrow in our hearts and minds! Cheerio...