Thursday, June 2, 2011

Care for a Jellied Eel?

We went down to Brighton Beach today. This weekend was our "Free Travel" Weekend where we had free reign to travel outside the country if we liked. Many people went to France or Rome, but about 7 or so of us decided to stay in Londy town and hit up the places we haven't been yet. So, we took a 9 pound (round trip) train to Brighton Beach today. It was just surprisingly fabulous. Beautiful beach (rocky and not sandy) and comfy and chic lounge chairs, the Brighton Pier amusement park with the beautiful beach backdrop, and the sunny and low 70's weather that made my heart melt a little bit.
These are the chairs we lounged in! They did cost 2 pounds
for the day... but hey, what can you do.
Photo thanks to Ethel Davies
The amusement park was on this sa-weet pier. I accidently dropped my
sunglasses over the edge... almost. I was flipping my hair back and my
sunglasses fell right on the edge!
 There were all kinds of lil shoppes on the beach, some selling seafood. The 6 of us threw caution to the winds and tried something crazy: jellied eel, pictured below. WARNING: do not look at or eat jellied eel if you have a queasy stomach.

I would eat this again... but only if forced to by gun point. WHY would one want to put their eel (why are they eating eel in the 1st place, eh?) in clear salty jello? Hm, what else could we do to make it more un-appetizing? ha, we asked the salesman if he liked it and he said he doesn't touch the stuff... and I know why.

The plan is to go to the British Library and Wimbledon tomorrow (think Tennis and Strawberries and Cream... I knew they were famous for the 1st but not the 2nd! I'm pumped... especially for the strawberries-- you know where my loyalties lie :)


  1. Hello Hannah - A financial is much cheaper to travel by coach (especially when you go to Norwich) than it is by rail. Seems as though the big inter-city coach station is at Victoria Station, check it out.
    When I was a school girl my friends and I went fishing and one lad liked to catch eels because his granny would give him sixpence for each eel he caught! (An eel is actually a fish). Granny.

  2. gross! i think its funny when salesmen dont endorse their own products!I work with a girl at my restaurant who is very open about not liking the food she is serving! I laugh incredulously