Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A lil miracle

When I was out'n'about in the city yesterday, I locked up the bike at a rack in front of the cathedral. No biggie, everything fine, I coulda swore I put the key to the padlock safe in my book bag after locking up the bike. And yet, 5 hours or so later I come back to the bike only to find my key hanging by its lanyard on the bike's handle! I felt so ashamed, if someone stole the bike (it's Ken's, Thel's neighbor who is currently in Gibraltar on holiday... in the Mediterranean right below Spain) I would feel like real poo. A little miracle for sure!

Speaking of miracles, the cathedral. I know I can't stop talking about but I can't get over that place, I just love it, its got some kinda magical magnetic force around it or something I swear. I went on the tour yesterday, which was led by this 150 year old sweetheart of a man who walked with a cane. He said some good stuff.

1. There is no medieval stained glass as the Puritans came in around the 1600's or so and smashed it all to smithereens. Supposedly they regarded anything too fancy as idolatry, so they nipped that right in the bud. rude.
2. The foundations of the cathedral are not very deep, if at all (or so the guide said... though I don't know if I believe him, how is it possible for a cathedral to have no foundation?) as it is very near the river and if you dig down you'll just find water.
3. There is a stained glass window depicting Julian of Norwich, a religious lady way back in the day from Norwich, and was the first woman to write a book in English. Cool, eh? Way to represent, Julian. The book is called Revelations of Divine Love. Quite interesting, here is wikipedia's take on it you click here.

The best part about the cathedral was the cloisters, by far. Its this patch of green surrounded by beautiful stone walk ways with gothic arches all overhead and crisscrossed window panes that make me think of monks singing their hymns and walking along with their hands in their sleeves. I would upload a photo for you but the internet is a bit slow and tired today... I will soon. Its funny, I'm not the only one talking about cloisters today on the world wide web. If you click here you will go to a blog I look at sometimes... her post on June 22 is about the cloisters in New York! Ma, you and I have been there!

My friend from the program, Macy, is coming tonight to Thel's around midnight. Kinda a crazy time, but she flew into London today from Rome at 8:30pm and then still has to take a train to Thel's. So no other choice really. Thellie was really sweet about it, she's going to bed but didn't seem annoyed at all that Macy is coming in real late. Macy is only staying until Friday, so hopefully I can keep her entertained with the things I've found in Norwich so far. Planning on going to the castle with her tomorrow.

Love to all, xoxo

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  1. When you go to the Castle, try to go on the tour of the battlements and dungeons. (You will get freaked out by your feelings) The tour is limited, so (It used to be) you sign you for it when you first enter. I think I have that book on St Julian. I have never been to see that Church (I think it is on King Street) It was destroyed during WW 2, but has been rebuilt. Did you meet Ken's Sue? Cheerio!