Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reallllly Modern Art

Sculpture at the Saatchi Gallery...
Berlinde De Bruycker as artist.
Real horse skin and hair used! but no eyes or hoofs real
or otherwise, just the fur.

All Saatchi photos from their website which you can go to here and see 
all the art works if you're brave!
A sculpture in the Saatchi Gallery! Called "Blind leading the Blind"
by Peter Buggenhout. Whats crazy to me is that on the wall
with the title plaque, in addition to the title and artist, it would list
the materials of the sculpture materials. This one had horse hair, polyurethane,
blood, and tar as some of its materials. Thats right, blood. hard core or what!
 The Saatchi Gallery is not for the faint of heart! I tagged along with a few girls to the hip and modern gallery, and it sure was "thinking outside the box" art. My thoughts of the "Blind leading the Blind" sculpture? It looks like something brought up from the bottom of the Thames... haha. but seriously it did. Perhaps its a little suggestion on society... our leaders don't REALLY know whats goin on, so its like the blind leading the blind, and look what the result is: pollution, war, etc. Kind of dark though...
Sure is beautiful on the outside... and then it gets freaky
on the inside :)
beauty of a photo from CGP Grey, via Wikipedia
This was my fav exhibition! It took up a whole room mind you. You go out on this little landing to view it from above and I coulda sworn I was looking down into another room. Then, I realized it was a wall to wall puddle of oil (I shoulda known, as it smelled like a rubber tile in there) with such a smooth opaque mirror surface, that it reflected the lights and windows on the ceiling. It was crazy cool. Something so smooth and pristine and perfect was actually reflecting something already in existence.
Artist: Richard Wilson, who also does other site specific oil works...
This one was nuts. Literally, a car wrapped around a pole. My question
is... where did they get the car? was it pristine before they crunched
On Thursday night, some other study abroaders went to see Wicked the musical (some for the 2nd time! Yes it was that good!) But since I had already seen it and I still wanted to see Jersey Boys, I went ahead and did that! It was one of the. best. decisions! It's about how Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons started up singin under a streetlamp (so they say...:) But the voices and harmonies were just spot on, especially lil Frankie's falsetto! haha I was way impressed. There was some Jersey language mind you...
photo from the Jersey Boys- London website. If you click on the
link you can see the cast that performed! They were just fabulous.
I was walking home from the show and almost home (it was about 10:30pm or so I think) when this man (mid to late 30's, nice looking) on a bicycle stopped me and the convo went a little something like this:

"I hate to trouble you, but I wanted to tell you, you gave me a smile earlier on the subway and I just wanted to
           thank you."
"Oh! haha... not a problem! I'm glad I could help you a little bit." (me thinking, awww, sweet stranger man      
           needed a little encouragement and was havin a rough day)
"Yea, Really, I hope I didn't trouble you too much, but I just felt something when you smiled-- and sometimes
           that just helps. So I just had to follow you home from the subway and say thank you."
"Oh... well thank you. I hope you have a good night!" (mayday MAYDAY! he did WHAT??)
" I was wondering, I would love to be a positive man in your life."
"Ohh nooo... you don't need to do that!" (A Positive man?? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??) "Alright, well you have a good one, ok?." (I make a break for it... pretty quickly!)

C'mon! What is that? It was very sweet, until he mentioned that he followed me home, on  bicycle... and the Tube is like a 7 or 8 min walk from where he stopped me! I'm sure he's a well-meaning man, but if you say those words to a stranger, much less a woman stranger, that is bad form!

On a better note, Wednesday, a few of us got 5 pound groundling (standing tickets next to the stage) tickets to Much Ado About Nothing, a Shakespeare comedy at the Globe. I gotta be honest, I'm not a huge Shakespeare fan, but this show (and the actors and actresses) were just so good, and funny, and interacted splendidly with the audience. The wit of it was great, and Shakespeare's dialogue was just perfectly clever and done just so well by the actors/tresses.
you can see the goundlings (people leaning on the stage)... and this was
what we did, except we were in the front of the stage, so very cool. This
photo is not from the play we actually saw... but it lets you see what
our view looked like a bit!
photo here
Benedict and Beatrice (the best actors/tresses!). They were just
Photo by Pete Jones
Eve Best, who played Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, was also in
the movie The King's Speech! She played Edward VIII's (King George's
brother, Granny correct me if I'm wrong :) love interest, who distracted
him from being a good King (not that she was the only reason mind you).
photo by Laurie Sparham via Mail Online website


  1. You are correct, Hannah. When King Edward Eighth abdicated (around 19360 because, as head of the Church of England he could not marry the divorced Mrs. Wallis Simpson, his younger brother, (the present Queen Elizabeth's father, King George was next in line for the throne. I was a schoolgirl and we used to sing, "Who's that coming down the street, Mrs Simpson's cheesy feet. She's been married twice before, Now she's knocking at Edward's door" (Just part of my classical repetoire). Goodnight!

    1. She's been married twice before, Now she's knocking at Edward's door.
      Edward dear, will you marry me. Yes my dear at half past three.
      Half past three is far too late, Marry me at half past eight

  2. Oh - I should remark on the sensual beauty of the first two pictures from the modern art gallery. I am sure they should recreate Matt's room at my house. It would be a great addition to the other exhibits!! Phoebe

  3. LOL "a positive man"...good thing u turned around!!!!!! that's too funny! that reminds me of ur add on Craig's list! also, I've always wanted to go to the Globe... so good to hear that it didn't let u down! what a day.
    <3 from AL

  4. *and don't feel too good about real horse skin being used! haha.

    1. just wooooooow i'm amazed woof woof

      ill strike again soon

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