Friday, June 24, 2011

the view from Cromer

Macy and I took a 45 min train to Cromer beach today... it was well recommended! Dad liked it, the Norwich native that Macy spoke to on the train highly recommended it, and Ken spoke of it too. I was liking the idea of a beach and liked it even more when I found out it was only 6 pounds round trip. Outside the rail station, it was fabulous to see the ocean coming out all blue and sparkling on the horizon. The best part? The romantic sea side cliffs. I hope to try and find a good photo online, but we'll see... the internet that I have is a bit sub par for loading pictures.
The pier (with the theatre) and you can see the kiddy slides and stuff
 they had too.
This view wasn't too far from the pier, just a 15 walk
 or so down the beach. It was pretty too cause
 it was a bit misty when we saw it.
We walked up and down the beach and saw the pier (which had a theatre on it...) and all the brightly colored beach sheds that were lining the beach. As it was Macy's last day in England, we got some fish n chips from a local vendor (the Cromer crab was too expensive, dang it) who was quite chatty. While we ate, we helped him perfect his American accent and he helped us with our British (he said my accent was too posh, I needed to rough it up a bit :) He was saying how much he liked it in the states when he came (to Florida for Disney World) and how nice we were and trim the ladies were (one, why mention the ladies' figures? kinda creepy. and two, since when are Americans described as "trim"? p.s. I had a rhubarb and custard ice cream cone while there and it was absolutely delicious.

The other day, Macy and I were walking through Mousehold and these 2 young boys were being mischievous on the sidewalk, they were maybe 9 ish. When we walked up, one of the boys asked us if we would like to see his nipple. We said No Thanks and laughed a bit as we walked on. After hearing our accents, he asked quite excitedly, Are you American? We said yes and asked him his name (Gary) and he told us that he had NEVER met an American before! Fancy that. Was kinda exciting.


  1. HAHA! I bet he was embarrassed to offer an American his shoulda said yes...

  2. Your Dad was pleased you went to Cromer! When he was a lad, Alex also, they lost money on the slot machines on the sea front. Auntie Thellie would give them another pound! When Macie leaves, will she be returning to the States?
    I have enjoyed reading Whits blogs about India also. I am impressed! (12 cucumbers from the garden today!) Granny Phoebe

  3. WOW!! what an adventure!
    Friday dad and i bought an ice cream cake to celebrate justins birthday this past wed. 27!!
    I love the black and white picture of you at Brightyn.
    Love your blog Hannah, wish we could have gotten you that camera before you left. oh well.
    Love mom