Friday, June 10, 2011

WALKING TOUR #10 Soho to Trafalgar Square

Amy and I led this walk together, it was just the pair of us that completed it. Soho Square was a cute little park near the Jersey Boys Theatre (that I went to a bit earlier!) that had some touching art. Take a lil peek. Amy and I interpreted it as interactive art.
The plaque said... the nudity symbolizes being stripped from inhibitions and bringing all of yourself to society. Also, this sculpture was called Interaction, hence Amy and I interacting

Trafalgar Square is also a treat. Its got some stunner views of the National Gallery (home to some swell Monet's and Turner's as well as a clincher Da Vinci piece).The ambiance of the square is neat too... bustling with people all the time, a proud statue of Horatio Nelson who led a great naval victory for Britain during the Napoleonic Wars (Britain lost no ships, while the Franco Spanish side lost a whoppin 22), and good shopping. The feeling is hip yet cultural, think romantic comedy movie set in Europe.
Trafalgar Square, with National Gallery there with the pediment and columns.
This photo is from google, but it shows exactly what we saw (I didn't get a pic of the Nelson statue myself!!)

Amy and I struttin our stuff in front of the Soho Square sign. We had to ask a few disgruntled  locals to take this picture, Amy's camera button proved a bit too complicated for the average joe

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