Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a few odds n ends

Here's a few good ones for ya.
Amy, Tara, Sydnie (lookin down...), and I on the beach
at Durdle Door in Dorset a few weeks ago

Goin down the steps to Durdle Door beach, the photo disguises how
steep they were, believe me.
Quite a bunch of us at Windsor Castle
View of Oxford from the University of St. Mary Church Tower
St. James Palace in London
The little weather box for the guards in front of St. James
Palace... at least thats what I think it is! When it rains and things,
the soldiers can still keep up their posts. 


  1. I LOVE YOUR DRESS!! And those stairs...are like straight down...haah whoa baby!

  2. Another interesting blogg from you, Hannah --- and this time I did something very daring, I clicked on your friend Whit's comment Then I tapped onto her blogs from India. And she is also an interesting "blogger" and I was fascinated by her Indian experience. You are both so brave.
    Love from your English granny!