Thursday, June 9, 2011

I gotta Handel on it

A few more tidbits from the tour of Westminster Abbey a few days ago. There were sure a bumload of tourists in there, but we all had our little headphones on, listenin to the audio tour, all in our own spell bound worlds kinda entranced by the architecture of it all. I just loved it when the audio tour would play choir music in the background and you could look around with this powerful music praise in the background.

Speaking of music, George Frideric Handel is buried in the walls of Westminster. On his statue was written "I Know that my Redeemer liveth." and that was the piece of music that was etched on the papers in the statue as well.
CNN photo of the memorial to Handel which sits atop his tomb
We couldn't go into the cloisters at the abbey, but the grounds were sure pristine and beautifully kept. The hallways around it were my fav. With the scalloped edges on the windows and the crisscrossed iron work in the windows that created diamonds for you to see the green grass square through. I was just hoping a choir would burst out in song... and you know, the boys filed in a bit later to the choir seats to rehearse (I assume anyways!) for Evensong that was gonna happen in about 30min. Huh. What luck.
The halls around the cloister.
Photo by Adrian Fletcher
And if you want a little background choir music to get you in the mood, click here to go to a YouTube video of the Kings Chapel Choir  at Cambridge rehearsing.

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  1. And so, I went to the (too short) rehearsal on You Tube to hear the rehearsal. My speakers do not give it full justice, but I enjoyed it all.
    Your Dad is delivering a machine at Dover, Delaware today - but your mother has to work at the hospital Saturday. (They are short staffed) and so she could not accompany him. Your Granny Phoebe.