Friday, June 10, 2011


Walking along the Thames river, right by the London Eye and Aquarium, and right up to the Somerset House, all was beautiful and breezy. Walkers were Tara, Shelisa, and myself. And shhooot, the London Eye is way bigger than I thought! It's like a Ferris Wheel, but except 2 people sitting in each carriage, its enough room for like 15.
Tara and I lovin the view off the Westminster Bridge
The EYE! it was supposed to be a temporary establishment... however it was too popular so they left it  up!
I haven't yet walked on this side of the Thames, so it was cool to get a good look at it from the other side. There were quite a few swanky looking restaurants, with dressed up sophisticated looking people everywhere, which I was loving to watch! In fact, Tara and I plan to get "all gussied up" and work the scene tomorrow night there, so hopefully its just as hoppin tomorrow night.

These pictures are NOT a foreshadowing of my and Tara's sophistication that will happen tomorrow night. FYI.
An over sized grass couch by the Thames... I'm not sure why exactly it was there, but cool? yep.
Are we immature? uhhh... 
Walking Group photo! the gang. This lion was riiight when we got of the Westminster Bridge

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