Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Cathedral and I are Best Friends

Norwich is a treat. Especially when I can cruise around the pretty views while on my bicycle! Thellie`s neighbor, Ken, is a real doll and let me borrow his bicycle which is an absolute dream. I rode down to the city today to do a bit of gift shopping and the weather was just perfect (for once! it has been kinda rainy and cool).

Last night, I rode up Mousehold (Granny, this was for you. I couldn't wait to see the road where we coulda lost you to that fighter jet and the heath that you and grandpa walked in when you were dating) on the bike of course! I was struggling up a hill in the heath, but when I got to the top, boy was there just a great view of the city. Gran, I can see why you guys went up there a lot! it was kinda romantic!
Here's what I saw at the top of the hill. quite a lil reward for my hard work!
 Ken drove Thel and I to the beach at Great Yarmouth yesterday. Gotta be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first cause Ken described it as "Las Vegas" which lets be real, I did not come to freakin beautiful Norwich to see Vegas. But... it was different. There were casinos and all sorts of shops with little trinkets, but I rather liked it. Had a small town beach feel to it (almost as good as Brighton beach which is saying a lot, I loved that place). And the beach was sandy and not rocky! Which I haven't seen in England yet. And in the water were quite a few wind generators. They were quite beautiful in a way, modern meets traditional in a granola sorta way.

The wind farm off the beach of Yarmouth. The website to learn more is here, if you wanna click
The pier at Yarmouth. a little showy, but hey.


  1. Ah! You ring my bells! That hill (with Britania Barracks in the background) is St. James Hill. Each Nov.5th (Guy Fawkes day) they have a big bonfire there and burn the guy. (History). Ken took Justin, me and Thel to Yarmouth last fall. It was the best day weatherwise we had. (Justin has a birthday tomorrow, 22nd). Joel lost the kite he was flying on top of St.James Hill)

  2. To see it all on a bike...ahh, that is soo dreamy!! Have fun Nan!

  3. I wrote that last blog which was attributed to Justin! I hope I have changed it to be from me now! (Had to get the book out!) If you walk down Ketts Hill (At the end of Plumstead Road) Number 114 (on the left, in a row of houses near the top of the hill, is where I lived as a young child before we moved to Harvey Close (opposite Thels house now). Cheerio Hannah