Friday, June 3, 2011

A nice smattering

Had just a lovely day. Went to the British Library first... a more modern building than most of what we've seen so far!
The British Library and its courtyard
But it was beautiful walking out of the station (St. Pancras/ King's Cross) as we passed by the Pancras Hotel which was eye candy for sure.
The hotel is the big un there, it has King's Cross train station somewhere
around there too, so I THINK that's why its so big in the back there,
but that is just speculation since the Tube stop is called St. Pancras
SLASH King's Cross. But the hotel is a beauty, I read somewhere
that it is like 250 pound a night!
photo via The History Blog
Another view of the hotel from street level.
London, you build beautiful stuff, thats for certain.
The library was great as it housed some really special documents. Like a handwritten New Testament in Greek, commissioned and I believe written, by Constantine in 995. A gold leaf Qur'an, produced in Cairo, from 1304. A Gutenberg printed bible. 2 copies of the Magna Carta (I did already see a Magna Carta in Lincoln, but to distribute the document of course they had wrote several copies, and somehow the British Library got their hands on two-- seems kinda greedy if you ask me :). The Library also housed the original handwritten sheet music from Handel's Messiah and the lyrics of Beatles songs as they were being produced, the song words written on the back of scrap paper or their son's birthday card (that was Ringo when he wrote "A Hard Day's Night"). Interesting that Beatles songs and the Gutenberg Bible are housed in the same exhibition!

Wimbledon the city was beautiful (and very warm!). Wimbledon, for tennis, was cool too to see the grounds and the places where all the tennis pros walk (and will walk come June 20th for the Wimbledon Open). One of the girls in the group, Tara, her dad was a profesh tennis player and played there quite a few years ago... so that was quite fun for her, and we just tagged along and loved it.
Obviously an aerial shot I didn't take! Thank you google images. But
the main stadium you see is the Centre Court, which is the most
prestigious to play at!
Needless to say, the strawberries and cream that Wimbledon is know for (for whatever reason!) definitely delivered. The strawberries were perfectly ripe and the cream (not whipped cream mind you, just like a thick milk type cream) was buttery and smooth.


  1. Just spoke to Thellie. She will be expecting you on Wednesday 15th. When you get to Norwich, you may like to catch a cab. Thel will look out for you and she will pay the taxi man. Get the address and phone number from your Dad. (I dont like to give it here where the world can see it!) You are welcome to bring a friend. Cheerio!

  2. that library seems out of place! I like england cause the architecture isnt 'modern' its all classic charm!