Friday, June 10, 2011


The top three walks:
1. Southwark/Bankside (click here to go to the post about it)
A few things contributed to make this numero uno! First, the weather! Sunny and fab with a breeze, pitch perfect temperature: a touch too cool in the shade, but oh so warm and springy with the sun. Also, I loved the surprise element of the Southwark Cathedral. When I went inside, I lost my breath for a second, cause the sun was streamin in through the windows, and the stone crossed ceiling was just so Gothic, and the orchestra was playing something magic. It also was nice to be by the Thames, makes it feel fancy.

2. Regents Park (click here to see)
Again, the weather here, just spot on! And I was in some dang good company (thank you Lorraine and Sydnie!). There was plenty of fowl entertainment (all the ducks were hilarious) and the fields just kinda sparkled at you, and all the greenery was so nice. Indeed, on this walk, we stumbled on a gem of a church also, St. Marks. And to think we weren't even gonna go inside (we weren't, until we discovered the door ajar and our curiosity just got the best of us). But the stained glass windows were heartwarming and the space felt so old and full of history!

3. The City (click here to take a peek)
This one made #3 because of all the architecture. Sheesh, Londy town knows how to do its building. The Bank of England was so grand! Huge pillars and such, and its own museum, and those HUGE Alice in Wonderland like doors. Shelisa and I did get quite a bit lost. But hey, when in London getting lost is good because you find things like the Lloyds building. This building was something else, like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory gone evil or a surrealist painting of our industrial society. Loved the surprise it gave us.

Maybe that's the common element, I loved all the walks where we unearthed something fabulous. I gotta admit, sometimes it was a touch annoying to HAVE to complete these walks, but once I went on them I absolutely never regretted them and always found something new and awesome to discover. I just had to make sure and budget in some extra time for the walks to go off the beaten path a little bit.


  1. Right-oh~! I tried to comment on your blog twice yesterday - but all I got was an error message. So this is a test!

  2. Ah Ha! I have been enabled. What I wrote twice yesterday was that, if you can, let Thellie know if you are travelling by coach or rail. And about what time you will be getting to Norwich. Then, catch a taxicab because you will not yet be familiar with the bus system. Be sure and have Thellies address and phone number on you. She will look out for you and pay the taxi man.

  3. Wonderful blog, Hannah! Congratulations on completing the London Walks course. You are now officially a LWC graduate!