Friday, June 10, 2011

WALKING TOUR #8 Bloomsbury

Mollie and I jointly led this walk! It was just us two, but it was nice to walk in the rain and chit chat and see all the "____ who accomplished ____ lived here" plaques on the houses.
Mollie and I in front of a fountain in Bloomsbury Square
An example of one of the famous plaques. Pretty cool, eh? Dicken's flat was pretty nice too.
I gotta be honest, the walk wasn't too eventful really, but it was real nice and relaxing. We passed by the University of London (NOT London College like I said before! Thanks granny), very nice, and a few other things. But the jaunt was cool as it was rainin and misty the whole time.
We saw Handel St. on the walk, so named as Handel performed his Messiah on this street to raise money for the orphans in Foundling Hospital.


  1. I wonder if the London College is the same as the University of London. Your Late Uncle Geoffrey was a Maths professor there.
    You finally got a little rain. We need some here. Bring some back with you! Cheerio for noe.

  2. Pardon me!! it was University of London, not London college! thanks granny