Monday, May 9, 2011


3. The City Walk
This walk was chock full of beautiful buildings to see. The Mansion House, Bank of England, and the Lloyds building to name a few. I did post a small touch about this before, but this is the official blog post for our London Walks class. Shelisa and I led and completed the walk on our own, and though we did get a bit lost, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was rather empty around town, as the walk was done in the city a bit later at night (7 or 8 or so) and on the Bank Holiday. There were a few alleys to go down and just a bit of an awkward encounter with a lone policeman and us two girls down an otherwise deserted street. But great fun all the same.
All the buildings were getting similar as we walked
around, so I'm holding up a sign that says Bank! This
building, obviously, was the Bank of England. It was
Huge! and beautiful. And had its own museum attached.
The HUGE bank doors. Think Alice in Wonderland.
In front of Statue Of Wellington. AKA a huge
horses bum. It is beside the Bank of England and the
Royal Exchange.
The fabulously modern Lloyd Building. Houses
the Lloyds Insurance company.


  1. You should have got a "sample" while you were at the Bank of England! You had a nice walk-a-bout.
    Our Web-Phone conversation was not too satisfactory yesterday. Years ago, my trans-atlantic conversations with my parents were like that. Wonder where you are going today. Love from Granny.

  2. Oh no. Granny you'll have to correct my ignorance. What do you mean by sample?!

  3. A 5 pound note! (No pound sign on my computer in this country, silly people!)