Saturday, May 7, 2011

WALKING TOUR rundown for class

For class we are required to blog about the walks that we go on. Here it is!
1. Regents Park
We walked along the canals to get to Primrose Hill in Regents Park. The weather was sa-weet. And the view from the hill was awesome too. Primrose Hill is marked by a star on this map and the view from the hill you can see too!

I do not have a camera! But this is exactly what we saw (minus all those people! it wasn't quite as crowded).
Photo from here
This walk was one of my faves. Regents Park is a great family place! There are fields for soccer (excuse me, football), LOTS of duck ponds which provided us with endless fowl entertainment, playgrounds for the kiddies, birdwatching (there are herons with nests in the trees!), paddle boats, fountains, and cute old men that are SURROUNDED by pigeons cause they bring bread. P.S. All photos were via sweet Sydney, unless otherwise noted, as I do not own a camera... we did the walk together with Lorraine.
Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Fountain in Regents Park by the football fields. The inscription says it was given as a gift to England by India in gratitude for the protection offered by England.... Whether the inscription was written by an Englishman or an Indian native... hmm
Triton Fountain in Queen Mary's Garden
Same fountain.. but you can see all the goo in the water! Pretty  fountain? Yes. Years of accumulated goop in the pool? Why yes.
We also passed by St. Marks church just outside of the park (mentioned in a previous post!). It was another legit church, London has so many of em! The church was consecrated in 1853 and was made famous for opening up its gardens for tea parties on bank holidays in the summer (Pumped up the cash revenue for em). The church was severely damaged in the blitz (1940) but has been rebuilt, though it did take 17 years to fully restore the church (Some of the windows no longer had stained glass in them and I believe this is why! dumb bombs).

This is Lorraine here...
It was awesome because the door was slightly ajar. Us being the cheeky students we are, went in and were invited to stay by one of the priests. The inside was breathtaking. And I used the lou... in a church built in the 1850's... maybe I'm weird but I was kinda pumped about it.
Interior photos from this St. Marks website.
We were a bit too scared to take inside pics...
and it may be a bit sacrilegious.
 But it was just breathtaking in there. 
Also a couple more things that we saw...
a legit mosque you can see popping up its head. Funny enough,
they were selling BBQ right outside. 
This sign was in front of the bird watching station...
 had binoculars set up to look at the nesting herons. 
Sydney's photography skills on show here. These were in the park... beauties.
Lorraine, I, and Sydney sitting right in front of the roses by Queen
Mary's garden.

The other walk posts will be up soon!


  1. Lovely blogs, Hannah. Your Auntie Thellie tells me the weather is great today. (Saturday, spoke to her this morning.) They actually need some rain in Norwich. Tommy is 13 today, so we had a birthday "cookie" for him yesterday. Did I tell you Pats pitbull Jasmine had 11 puppies. Oh my - it is a big mess! Love from your Granny

  2. 11 puppies!?! that is crazy! and the weather was great yesterday! though it has been beautiful this whole time so far! i have been spoiled. we are leaving for bath on tuesday! so im excited to let you know how all that goes! love ya tons, han