Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a crypt and choir boys

Just have time to upload the pics of things I've seen. I'll fill in with the meat later... if only I didn't have homework, that'd be great.

Inside of St. Bride's church.
 As soon as we walked in and said hello to the caretaker, he immediately started on a 10 min history of the church! what a sweetie
St. Bride's church, designed by the same architect as St. Paul's (Christopher Wren. what  a stud.) What's crazy about it is when they were laying the foundations for the building, they found remains of a Roman structure that musta been built there before. They preserved some of the walls of the original Roman structure (which they think was a burial site as they found body remains too) and they date back to the 11th century.
Yep. back in 1000. No biggie.
St Paul's Cathedral. Look at that dome. 2nd largest traditionally constructed dome in the world (according to Peter, our adorable tour guide). The biggest? St. Peter's Basilica. This beautiful photo is from here
Inside of St. Paul's Cathedral, from here

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  1. I just love your blogs, Hannah. I check in each day and sometimes twice a day. Your Mom and Dad also. Keep it up...Love from Granny.