Saturday, May 14, 2011

Durdle Door

The last day of our outing, we went to Durdle Door Beach in Dorset, England. We had to hike a bit to get the the Durdle Door itself mind you, but if you take a look at the picture, you'll see the gorgeous view we had while we were hiking was stellar.

Durdle door itself! Photo (and most of the rest!)
 via the guy in our study abroad group
 with the awesome camera, Jason Hamilton.
This was our view on the hike there. Nope,
not joking. There's a group of us on the path there.
The arch is on the other side of that first outcropping
into the ocean.
Here we are a bit closer to the Door. Thats the outcropping
we saw in the previous photo!
And to prove it wasn't all a dream, here we are frolicking on the beach!
I believe I am the third from the left standing up, in the black long
sleeve and jean get up... but no promises.
Normally, I would have been all about swimming. However, the water was frigid! We stuck our toes in but that is all we could handle! Though, here's something a bit crazy.... If you look at the second to last photo you will see a baby, baby size rock island on the left side. A bit more left than that was a bigger rock island and it had around 30 people on it in wetsuits. They must have been training for the army, or coast guard, or out of their minds... which ever :) But we saw them all get in the water in their suits and swim the 50 or so yards to shore!

We went to Stonehenge also, that was our first stop. It. was. cool. There were sheep grazing on the next hill over, and I just thought... do those sheep know what a first class view they have over their dinner?! And, I am  not lying to you when I say that there were two bunnies hopping among the stones in Stonehenge. No big deal, just bunnies hopping on through these crazy old stones as they have been for centuries!

P.S. the photo below isn't very good of me... but forget about me, take a look at the henge! it is a beauty for sure. And no, that second photo is not googled, it was taken by Jason!! He's good, huh?
There I am, to the right of the blonde boy in back, Scott.  But really,
just pay attention to Stonehenge. Those Druids would probably have
a good laugh if they knew how fascinated we were with their
stones centuries later!

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  1. 11 pm and time for bed...Just gotta check your blogspot one more time! And the reward is great. Just great pictures. Wish I was on them also!
    Your Dad helped me make strawberry jam today. Cheerio for now. Granny Phoebe.