Saturday, May 28, 2011

WALKING TOUR #5 Inns of Court

I was a tad confused by what a court actually was... here's what the Tour Book said to describe our walk:

"This is a walk through the heart of legal London featuring the capital's four ancient Inn of Court where barristers (i.e. advocates) first train and then practice. These four inns are Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, Middle Temple and Inner Temple. Apart from the inns and their old courts and quiet gardens, features of the walk include the law courts in the Strand, Lincoln's Inn Fields, and Chancery Lane."

It was a quiet walk for sure, but pretty! Here's a photo or two to keep ya entertained:
Shelisa, Amy, and I in front of Lincoln's Inn

The Inns were sleepy little places it seemed. Not too much goin on there. Some people walkin in em, but not very many. And if so, they were suited men walkin like they meant business. It was a pretty walk though... they even make the garages of the Inns legit as you can see here:
And oh look. We got distracted by the flowers.
me digging in and Amy maintaining composure and grace... per usual

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  1. Glad to know you are back from bonnie Scotland. And now you are getting lost in London again (stupid maps!) Pat is very frustrated about the 11 puppies. She tried to sell them today and only got one sold! They are very cute and lovable, but will grow into large dogs.
    Two rabbits are doing serious damage to the garden. Love from your Granny.