Saturday, May 28, 2011

WALKING TOUR #6 Westminster

Fab photo of the Abbey by Shelisa 
The Westminster Walk was a bit new for me. I had never been all the way around the Abbey, nor had I gone to the Horse Guards building and its grounds, and St. James' Palace was a new face for me too. The weather was great and breezy (we've sure had good luck with the weather this whole time. Barely ever rainy...)
Kaylee, Shelisa, Tara, and I
St. James Palace, commissioned to be built
by Henry VIII (what didn't he commission :)
We also got to see the horse guards outside of the Horse Guards Building (I haven't seen any other name for it, though it does seem a little too obvious a title). Everybody wanted to take a picture with them! Yikes. That would get so annoying. But of course, we wanted one too...

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