Monday, May 2, 2011

got a bit lost in London

I did get quite lost today in London town. No bother though, cause we saw all sorts of cool things while finding the right way. I'll give you a little sampling...
from Wikipedia
Yep. Passed by that crazy building while lost. It was crazy, like something out of Willy Wonka. And it was surrounded by several old churches and old old architecture. Turns out its the place of residence for a very large insurance company called Lloyds. Who knew.

And then, St. Paul's Cathedral just popped its lil head over the skyline. Almost wet myself.
Taken from sweet girl Bri's blog here
Also, the Somerset House (pictured below) is an art museum and was featuring a lovely exhibit that showcased the winners of the SONY photograph competition. Oh man, it was stunning. The photographs were just fabulous. Expensive cameras can do such nice things these days! Also stunning was the Somerset House itself. From the street it just looks like another fancy building with some arches you walk into. But when you walk through the arches, man. I was blown. It was a whole courtyard and full freakin palace that was there. You can see below the view that greeted me when I walked through.

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