Sunday, May 29, 2011

WALKING TOUR #7 Bankside/ Southwark

Definitely a topnotch walk. It was on the other side of the Thames then I'm used to, so it was neat to be in a new place. We crossed over Blackfriars Bridge and turned left towards the Tate Modern Museum (a power station turned modern art museum, so the space is huge and is kind of art itself). We saw the Globe as it is now and also the original location of the Globe which was destroyed by the 1666 fire I believe (ps that fire is mentioned all the time! It changed a lot of things for London- building regulations, historical buildings, and the like).

We stepped on the bank of the Thames for a moment... though we couldn't walk along it because the tide was too high.

My favorite part was the Southwark Cathedral. We walked in, and Dulwich College (a rather expensive private school, according to one of the Cathedral Ushers) was practicing for their classical concert that night. So, there was a 20 or so person orchestra right under the Nave or center of the church playing this quite powerful number. I gotta say, Shelisa and I picked the PERFECT time to go in, the music provided a perfect backdrop to our little exploration of the church. The cathedral was very beautiful and had a fabulous ceiling, all crisscrossed and lovely.
Outside of Southwark Cathedral
We also got to cross over the Tower Bridge finally, though we didn't go in to see the Tower itself yet. We are supposed to do that as a group, but I hope its soon or we'll run outta time! Those crown jewels are calling my name...
Shelisa and I hangin out on Tower Bridge


  1. Ah! 9.30 am here and just finished my weekly shower! (The world knows it now!) Yes, you must go into the tower. I believe you have 2 more weeks before you go to your Aunt Thellie's in Norwich. Ah Ha! It is also a historic town, Norman Cathedral, and Castle. You will have to go into the dungeons where the Catholics tortured the Protestants - and then the Protestants turned right around and tortured the Catholics. (Thanks to King Henry VIII). Cheerio!

  2. What a great blog, Hannahh. It's been fun to read.

    I show that you've completed 7 walks plus the lead-a-walk assignment. Only 3 to go, plus the final short report.