Saturday, May 21, 2011

Got a question for you, Granny

Hey Grandma! I have a lil question for you and I figured this was the best place to ask you (ps I adore all your comments). When I go to Norwich, I wanna visit your old haunts! I loved that you and Grandpa had gone into Kings Chapel at Cambridge. That was awesome to know I had been in the same place... so maybe if you know
-the address of your childhood church
-graveyards where your family is buried
-where the dance hall was at where you met Grandpa's brother... just maybe its still there
-places where you and Pinky went or places that you think are cool

Love you!

I'll post more a bit later about today... but some friends and I took a train to Oxford University. Thought we'd make this week college week, with a visit to Cambridge already under our belt. Here is a small pic of something we saw...

Part of the Oxford Library... this particular part is called
the Radcliffe Camera, the first rotunda library built in Britain.
Another first for Britain. They are pretty good at that :)
Photo credit here
We had to pay a pound to get into this one room. It was beautiful, though.
It is the the oldest teaching room at the University and is called the Divinity School.
Nowadays, they just use it for fancy parties, a ceremonial robe dressing room, and for
Harry Potter :)
Photo credit given to an account on Flikr, account Classicalmania, here
The room above was used in the Harry Potter films as the infirmary and the classroom in the Goblet of Fire movie where the students are taught how to dance for the Yule ball. I was trying to find a good pic, but this is the best I can find. But you can see the same windows on the side and the arches in the back!

the dancing lesson... photo via here


  1. Your Mom & Dad were just here and read todays blog. I spoke to Thel this morning. Her friend Bessie is not well. But on to your questions...We were not regular Church attendees because we had no car and the bus service on Sunday was very poor. But we did attend St Andrews (Church of England) in Thorpe St. Andrews which is actually a suburb of Norwich (where Thel lives) We went to the Cathedral on special accasions. (Lovely, they have a gift shop there, I would like a package of Cathedral note cards!) Love from Your Granny

  2. My Mum and Dad have no grave. I was living over here and they did not want me to visit your Aunt Thellie in England and us go to a grave (their grave) and weep. So their ashes were scattered and there is no grave. I have people buried in Soham, Cambridgeshire and Kings Lynn - but I don't know where. Rather sad... Granny Phoebe.

  3. Samson and Hercules was the name of the popular dance hall where I met Thomas, your grandpa's married brother. He was the motor pool officer and went to the Samson and Hercules to pass the time. I was to write to his single brother...but that single brother (your grandpa) arrived in England. It was WW2 and your grandpa flew in a -B24 Liberator. A lovely Lieutenant! Samson & Hercules is still there, but no longer a dance hall. It is near the Cathedral. Cheerio again.

  4. Your Grandpa cycled over to my house (6 miles from the base) each time he was not flying and I was not on duty (Royal Observer Corps.) We went for lots of walks down by St. Andrews Church and the river - but spent a lot of time at my home (opposite where Thellie lives now. Also walks over Mousehold Heath and St.James Hill. Goodnight, dear. 11 pm here.