Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schedule for this week

We are goin on a little outing this week! So I won't be posting anything until Friday... here is the tentative schedule (our travel agent for the program likes to do things last minute...) for this week:

Mon: leave for York at 7:30am on a bus
              Check out Lincoln Castle

Tues: Travel to Edinburgh
              Take a look at the York Minstrel

Wed: Still in Edinburgh
         Tour Edinburgh Castle (ooo pumped)

Thurs: Travel to Windermere
          Go to Lake District and check out the Potter Museum (Not Harry Potter, mind you, something else)
Fri: Return Home
      On the way home, hike the Goldsworthy Holme Fell Quarries.. not quite sure what they are!

Hopefully its an adventure! xo


  1. Ah Ha! Your Grandpa and I have been to Edinburgh, a lovely city. Everything on Princes Street was priced in dollars for the tourists!
    Today, 22nd of May 1922, your Great Grandma and Grandma (my Mum and Dad) were married. Your Grandpa Pinky was born May 7th 1922.

  2. Whoa! Heres another one...It is not the York Minstrel it is York Minister.
    In the center of York is a terrible ancient building, on a mound where several hundred Jewish people died. Persicuted by the Catholics or Protestants (I've forgotten which.) Grandpa and me, Auntie Thellie and her late husband Geoffrey spent the night in York. Walk down The Shambles (an ancient and preserved street). Good night, dear.

  3. I'll miss your updates!! Have fun!