Friday, May 20, 2011

We walk around the Globe

Had our tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre today. Preettyy interesting... there will be more later... but we got to see a tech rehearsal for an upcoming play, Much Ado About Nothing which made me feel like an insider! One of the actor's even said, "Line, please," like you hear on TV or whatever when they forget their lines and someone yelled it out to him.

In addition, the Butler from the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Geoffrey) is in the play! So we got to see him onstage doin his thing.

Also got to walk over the Tower Bridge today.
Photo by Josep Maria Alegre
But didn't quite have time to stop and see the jewels and the decapitating block! Will come back soon, not to worry.

Saw the Royal Courts of Justice building. Gotta be honest, I'm not quite sure what goes on there... wasn't able to go inside either.. but it was beautiful on the outside for sure.
Kinda looks like Disney Land, eh? beautiful photo from here
Another gorgeous view for ya. Kinda makes ya drool...
beautiful photo by Dan Chung from here

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  1. Another interesting day for you. I call Thellie Saturday morning, 9 am here in North Carolina.
    Your Dad and Mom, also Justin were here for supper tonight. Fresh new potatoes from the garden. Meat Balls, very nice. Not as interesting as your itinary, but just as enjoyable! Pat trying to sell 11 puppies making a real mess in her kitchen! Love from your Granny.