Saturday, May 28, 2011

WALKING TOUR #4 Central Park

The Central Parks walk went a bit... off the plan. Macy and I went on it (starts at the Westminster Tube Station, goes through the parks St. James, Green, and Hyde and ends at the High St. Kensington Tube stop near the Centre). As other students had previously done, we wanted to bike the walk through the park paths. London has an awesome bike rental system called Barclays. Throughout the city, there are bike stations with around 20 or so bikes parked in stalls. You swipe your plastic and rent a bike for 24 hours for a pound. You can dock your bike at any station in the city when you get to your destination.

The only issue was... it took me and Macy 30 min to find a Barclays station near Westminster! Ridiculous. I think we were both a bit bitter and were having a few issues with the local's advised directions to the nearest station... and my skills with maps were having issues as well to be perfectly honest...

While searching for bikes, we did pass by the War Cabinet Rooms where Churchill debated during WW2. Very cool... though slightly shadowed by our frustrated search...

But, we did indeed find a station (riiight when I was at the end of my stick) and rented our Barclays right behind Buckingham Palace. Mace showed me up biking through traffic (she whizzed through while I was puzzling over what side of the street to be on) but we finally got to Hyde Park. We biked along the "Serpentine Path" which was a real treat (though it turned out NOT to be the right path... surprised? gotta say no...) but indeed crossed over the bridge of the Serpentine, so it turned out alright in the end.
Macy and I, the only two on the walk, at the round pond
in Hyde Park. 

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