Monday, May 16, 2011

Mutt Post

I've got a little bit of everything to say, so its a bit jumbled! First thing... We were able to go to Les Miserables the musical tonight. The singers were just fabulous. I just wish the "I Dreamed a Dream" song had just a teensy bit less vibrato, but who's complaining? John Val John (how do you even spell that?) was a big A+ though.
Laura, I, Bri from Idaho, Cara from Hawaii
Was also able to go the National Portrait Gallery yesterday. This Gallery showcases portraits of all the monarchy from the Tudor era back in the 1400's. Cool stuff. Henry VIII though, what an absolute crazy. The portraits that he commissioned of himself.... he sure did think very highly of his figure. I have this love/hate/fascination with their family. The 6 marriages (really. why Henry? just work it out with at least one of em). Lady Jane Grey only ruling for 9 days and being decapitated for basically no reason (that I could see, anyways). Edward VI having all these power hungry advisors. Yikes, the Tudor Era is like an involved Soap Opera.
Painting of Will and Harry in the
National Portrait Gallery. Don't they
look just so dashing and genuine? I think I would
like to meet them.
a little photo of the gang at Tintern Abbey in Wales. Not Whales...


  1. I have been watching The Tudors (King Henry 8th) on TV. He was insanely religious - was convinced he was living as God wanted him to live! SO he had innocent people beheaded (and tortured).
    Hope you got in touch with aunt Thellie in Norwich. Look in the phone directory, it should tell you how to make a call from London to Norwich. The prefix is different from this country. Love from your Granny.

  2. Called her today! i had to dial 0 and 1 before the 603 area code. Should be arriving at her house June 16th in the afternoon, and she said she put it on her calendar. It was good to talk to her! And oh Henry... I dislike him quite a bit, but he is so fascinating.